Are people in residential care better off dead???

This is 100% what I do not believe but the idea that people in residential care are better of dead is implied by the article;

Both the clearly middle class ILF user and the ‘journalist’ who wrote the bias article, clearly feel it is fine to use internalised hate speech for political gain, like moneys playing with with matches. The implications of the article is huge as it aims to provide complete insult and disgust to people who are in residential care, based on DPAC lies that most carers are abusers.

While I have never been in residential care, I am not a stranger to it from my personal and professional experiences. I also had 10 weeks where by the fast I could not physically get down stairs, I was totally housebound, when the right kind of residential care would have provided me with social contact and opportunities I was missing.

If we take the article at face value then we have someone who is not only suicidal but is potential involved in a suicide pact dependent on the outcome of the court case in just less than 4 weeks, regardless of what may or may not happen just over 2 years time. I am so fed up of ‘journalists’, charities and ‘activists’ abusing people when they are at the most vulnerable status of suicide idealisation rather than supporting them to be positive and manage their mental wellbeing. I fear this article was designed to deliberately push people over the edge in some perverted notion social justice.

I used to believe the disability movement believed and defended disabled people’s right to life but this article proved I have been lied to. If my fellow ILF users do not like themselves and feel they are better off dead at the sign of anything not going their own way, what do they think about me? What about about with less significant impairments? What about this journalist? If suicide is now a fashion statement of the anti-cuts movement, how safe am I?

This is hate speech worst than the counsellor who said disabled children are better off dead, because these people mean it and I for one, will not tolerate it! 
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