Hate speech against disabled people by disabled people

I am a big fan of Law and Order especially Special Victims Unit, and in the latest episode the story was about a gay person who committed a hate crime against another gay person and it got me thinking that it is possible to have hate speech against disabled people said by disabled people themselves.

I think there is a very fine line between free speech and hate speech and it is complex to know which is which. I however believe when it moves from political, social or other concepts 
however extreme to talking about harming individuals, then it moves from free speech to hate speech.

So many activists want people to believe disabled people are an united group when this is so far from reality. We are a group so diverse in more ways than any other group where the only thing we have in common is a label imposed by society or ourselves. It is therefore fair to say we can not all be united and there has always been and will always be conflict between impairment groups, people from differing social classes. And so it must be acknowledged hate speech can exist from disabled people.

The welfare reforms has shown the divisions between disabled people more clearly and I am glad the mask of unity is fulling off as the truth of people think come to the surface.
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