The nonsense about ILF



With the high court case about the ILF consultation, which I feel is a total waste of money, there is a lot nonsense being said about the impact of the closure. If we were to believe the extremist socialist anti-cuts groups, every Ilf will be put in residential care where they would be abused and better off dead! This is not only nonsense but deeply offensive on so many levels.


The fact the so-called activists wish us to ignore, or they are too stupid to understand, is the closure does not mean the money disappears, the money is moving to the councils and in theory, every user should experience a seamless transfer. I acknowledge with any challenge there are concerns and risks, but it is about having faith we can have a say in our density and users should work with the councils, and be prepared to constructively challenge them if needed, rather than threatening to kill themselves.

Even if the ILF is saved, it is likely to results in cuts, maybe more immediate cuts, and be required to implement a new eligibility criteria and restrictions, without the flexibility to spread cuts by developing services in the way councils can. The fact is the users who are complaining just want a free ride which no one can have.


At the end of the day, I want to end the 2 tier system we have now and ensure a future generation of people with high support needs have the opportunities I have, even if that means I need to embrace challenge. I hate those activists who really just care about themselves while pretending otherwise.


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