The bedroom tax


I live in a three bedroom place, one bedroom is for myself, one is for my live-in volunteer and the third ‘bedroom’ is my office, where I am typing this article. This means as someone on housing benefit with one “spare” bedroom I am going to be affected by the bedroom tax and there is not a lot I can do about it.


The ironic thing is I actually agree with the principles of the tax but I am not sure it has been properly thought through. The aim was to free up social housing by encouraging people to transfer down to properties when they had spare rooms but the fact pensioners are except when they are the ones who are holding onto homes too big for them means the whole point has been lost.


I think that in the end people on the high rate of care component of DLA will be except from the tax because there are so many different and valid reason why a disabled people with support needs may need a spare room. The media are going to be full of very reasonable examples of why it is not working for disabled people and the government will be force to concede the point within the next six months.


We need to wait and see how far the mess with the bedroom tax goes.


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