The disability elite


There has always been elitism within the disability movement since it became in the 1970s and I have become increasingly aware that it is also a class thing as well as an impairment thing. People with spinal injuries were the first to dominate the movement because they had the insurance money to buy themselves out of disability and live the social model, while other impairments still remain dependent on state provision.


In recent years, the disability elite can be seen those that has worked and benefits from user led charities that is funded by public monies and charities like Comic Relief. These charities were set up to help empower disabled people but once the elite got used to the comfortable lifestyle this gravy train provided them, they became dependent on keeping disabled people dependent on the third sector as ‘rights not charity’ became ‘right to charity’!


The disability elite are insulted by the welfare reforms because they are an attack on their comfort zone and bank balances as it jeopardises their fallacy that disabled people are still excluded from society and need on them to be their only voice in society. This is potentially the end of the line for the disability elite and I am so glad!


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