Why do disabled people moan?


I was talking to a friend who also has cerebral palsy a few days ago and she remarked they are two types of disabled people, those who are disabled and those who claim to be disabled. Those who are disabled very much get on with it because there have nothing to prove to others and see the greatest barrier in their lives as the attitude of others. Those who are claiming to be disabled often have major identity issues and need other people to see them as disabled and so moaning about their situation is a tool to impose their needs of others.


People claiming to be disabled are likely to have the same prejudices towards disabled people as anyone else and as they attempt to claim to be the voice of disabled people, they cause great harm to real disabled people as they reinforce prejudices. Since the wider society are ignorant of the situation and happy to attempt the voice of so-called disabled people who look okay and agree with their low opinion of disabled people as equal citizens, real disabled people have been pushed out the organisations claiming to represent them! And it is only a few people like myself who are prepared to challenge this terrible situation.


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