It should be about facts not feelings


It is clear to me that the majority of the articles by the disablist liberal media on the changes to the welfare state talk about how people feel rather than based on any clear facts. The simple reason for this is the facts will prove not live up to the disastrous predictions they are hopeful for in their ideologically attack on the government.


It is very easy to lead any disabled person to feel and therefore believe they will lose their benefit, assuming of course they are really disabled and have not been fooled into believing that also. This however has nothing to do with the fact that most disabled people will not lose their DLA/PIP. The people who will their DLA are likely to include people who are alcohol or drug dependent who have been abandoned by the NHS and while qualify as being disabled, may not reflect what the intention of the benefits were designed for.


We can not predict the future and it is deeply offensive for the nasty anti-cut movement, the same people who are disgustingly celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher, to boil down the quality of my life to whether I am written off by being given DLA to disappear. We need facts not feelings but feelings are the only weapon people abusing disabled people have. 



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