The truth about my situation


When it comes to the so-called welfare cuts, the truth is for my personal situation is that I see no cuts or changes to my benefits apart from the bedroom tax but since I work from home with one bedroom as my office, I am not sure I can really complain. My PIP assessment will not be for at least two years and despite the hype the facts of my impairment may mean they may not even waste time and money on a face to face assessment but if they do, I will embrace it with dignity and humour as I am confident I am the person I believe I am.


In terms of the ILF closure and the future of my personal support, I am also confident but not complacent. After a bad experience from a nasty social worker many years ago, I have prepared lots of self assessment material of my needs, outcomes and risks which I am continuously refining and I am prepared to argue every second of my support to the nth degree.


So this is the truth about my situation and I believe this is more truthful of the paranoid ramblings of the newbie disabled, one minute activist or young paralympian trying to impress, which the disablist liberal media are exploiting to paint their picture of misery for their personal delight.


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