Do I lack compassion?


Many readers will undoubtedly be aware of my strong concerns about the attacks on the welfare reforms and my concerns that many people are claiming to be disabled for all the wrong reasons. I have been told by a few so-called activists that I lack compassion and I think it is an interesting point to discuss.


I do strongly believe everyone should get the support their need to fulfil their desired outcomes, so long as its lawful, regardless of who they are. What I am pointing out is what they think they are entitled to because they have fallen in love with the label of disability may have very little to do with what they actually need. I also strongly believe having a negative or hostile attitude about ‘being disabled’ is not helpful at all and is damn wrong, and until people can pass their anger, they can no be helped and no amount of cash will satisfy their obsessive need for pity.


I feel I am the one with compassion and it is others who lack compassion since I am not the one  to believe disabled people should be left on benefits because they are unemployable victims of society. I am not the one refusing to disabled people for what they can achieve as equal members of society rather than focusing on their impairments in a nasty socialist attack of the government.


I believe I will be remembered for playing my part in defending the dignity of disabled people from those who have mistaken their disgraceful pity for so-called compassion.


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