Having understanding


As you can imagine my strong and often controversial views attracts criticism while can be constructive and can indeed be quite hostile. I am also told I simply do not understand especially when I challenge claims ‘sick people’ have more barriers than disabled people, a claim I find offensive.


My understanding of disability issues does not just come from my own extensive experiences nor I am an anti-tory nutter disguising myself as an one minute wonder disability activists to spout medical model hate speech. I am someone with almost forty years total experience living, working and playing with disabled people from all backgrounds. I have over twenty years working with many organisations from many sectors on many issues.


I do not see disability as a singular but as a whole large map of opinion and experience which I help others to navigate ensuring they can understand how their actions will affect different disabled people in different ways. I am not the one using awful stereotypes for political gain regardless of how many people it offended.


Understanding disability is far more complex than people realise and most people claiming to talk for disabled people demonstrate their ignorance by even attempting to do this, 


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