Talking Rubbish


Another hostile criticism I often get from people who do not like what I say is that I am talking rubbish. My initial response to this is we can appear to talk rubbish when people do not understand what you mean. I acknowledge that I write concisely and I tend to say my conclusions without explaining my thinking to the greatest detail. That said, I can indeed explain everything I say to the point to goes all the way back to one plus one equals two.


When I read a lot of stuff from some people, I really not sure that they have put any thought into what they are saying because it is often that I simply do not understand their logic for the wild statements they make rather than I disagree with them. Their arguments are often too disjointed and based on myths and so it is hard to believe they understand the full picture. It is not a problem, the problem is however the liberal media knowingly exploits this ignorance to present their rubbish as fact to an unsuspecting public.


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