Let’s not cause panic


It would be hoped that disabled people and others who front national campaigns for any reason, especially those campaigning about the welfare reforms, would be fully aware of the facts, even if the facts are not as they wish them to be. I feel campaigners would know more than the average people and would not suffer the fears of disabled people who do not know the full facts.
On the basis, I feel these campaigners, whatever their agenda, should support people to understand the facts to avoid unnecessary panic in order to remain truthful to their goals of bettering the good of all. Within the new sick and disability elite however this is sadly not happen as panic and despair creating by lies and misinformation are the only weapons these people have in their survival and their protection of fake disabled people as well as their profiteering from giving disabled people dependent as they refuse the conclusions of the social model, which is the reason why less people with impairments are disabled in 2013 Britian.
Causing panic for political and ideological reasons is immoral and unacceptable and those to do it will reap the toxic seeds their sow.
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