The outcomes of DLA?


Despite how it may sometimes appear, I do totality believe that everyone with any kind of impairment should receive the support they need to fulfil their outcomes as contributing members of society although I fundamentally do not believe either DLA or PIP is the way forward in achieving this.


As you may understand from reading many of my blogs, I do not believe the same random amount of money given to a collection of disabled people with differing needs are going to deliver the inclusion people are claiming. I further believe often money is not the answer and it is often a change in attitude of the disabled person, their family and others which can make the biggest improvement in their quality of life. This is may I continued to push for long term reform of welfare towards individual plans and support based on the social model, assuming employability as opposed to writing people off.


PIP is not remain fit for purpose for long as I believe my ideas on outcomes will gain mainstream support in the near future.

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