Adding unnecessary stress


Having an impairment can indeed add stress onto any person which can often not be helped, society is the way it is but it is improving and becoming more inclusive day by day. The welfare reforms, like any change, will be worrying and cause stress, but what I can not stand if how the disability elite, sick activists and the disability charities are deliberately lying to the public and disabled people, with the absolute intention in causing unnecessary stress and panic simply to create hopefully hostility towards the government.


These cruel people are not only hoping this additional unnecessary stress will push people towards suicide, but they are celebrating suicides as a weapon they think they can use against the government. This for me demonstrates the real selfishness and cruelty of socialism based activisms, which can also be seen by the celebrations over the death of Margaret Thatcher, who are prepared to abuse the individual for the good of the elite that controls their collective.


Disabled people need facts not fiction as information as well as attitude has the power to overcome anything. 


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