Why does society accept what disabled people say?


No one would regard the views of any old woman, gay person or black person as the views of everyone like one, nor take what they say at face value without thinking on what have said, contextualising it and coming up with a personal conclusion on their remarks. But when it cakes to disabled people, society does seem to take what disabled people say at face value without any desire to challenge or understand what they say as the term “I am disabled” leaves people to simply agree from some perverted notion of political correctness. 


It is clear to me that despite the environmental improvements within society, many of its citizens still fear disabled people including often disabled people themselves. Out of a mixture of fear and embarrassment, people along with the media simply go along with what disabled people say to avoid looking foolish. They will prepare and indeed celebrate those claiming to be disabled people who share their pity for us as unemployable objects of pity who should be compensated by government before swept under the carpet.


This politically correct nightmare must end and society went learn to have the confidence to challenge disabled people to explain themselves and the many lies and myths they peddle which society now just accepts as truthful.


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