ILF Special: For goodness sake, move on


As some readers may know, there was a court case taken against the government by the disability elite, backed by the lies and socialist propaganda of the ‘Disabled People against Cuts’ terror group, to try to stop the closure of the Independent Living Fund by wasting public money whinging about the smallest details of his consultation in the foolish hope in delaying the decision until a Labour government would rescue the day and allow the disability elite to continue their luxury lifestyles as well as their corrupted user led charities which serve no purpose other than harming disabled people.


Their action was unsuccessful as the judge saw the nonsense for what it was. This has not stopped the disabilist middle class liberal media having a field day with their outcries of injustice saying it is a sad day for social equality, despite the fact the case demanded inequality, where the disability elite lived in luxury while everyone else could suffer. I am fed up of hearing how this is the end of the world and how I will end up in a care home where I will be abused and will be guaranteed to be better off dead, especially by journalists who in reality are enjoying watching people suffer with stress as they panic from the lies they tell. I am tired of the pity and loathing of the liberal middle class who know nothing about the fund but have been happy to jump on a bandwagon to portray me as a worthless unemployable object  of pity. Their aim is simply to push real disabled people over the edge into suicide from the stress of the lies the hate speech media offer on a daily basis so they can dance on our graves pointing fingers at the Government.


There is always change and it is time to move on and focus on the councils to ensure they are hold accountable for providing the support their need, rather than being portrayed inappropriately as penniless victims by the disability elite. The fears for the fund masks the great level of self-loathing the disability elite have for themselves as they refuse to see how society has changed and how ILF is a barrier for independent living for many people as the opportunities for disabled people are so much greater than when the fund began.


I refuse to allow the attitudes of others, especially their hated and pity for me, to define how I am. I refuse to let the benefits I have or the level of support I am provided, as well as who funds it, control my identity. I will not let the disability elite and the hate speech media using them to deny me by existence as I embrace change with a positive attitude unlike them.


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