Is saying disabled people can’t work "hate speech"?


It seems the middle class liberal media as well as the sick movement would like us to believe it is some kind of ‘hate speech’ to challenge a disabled people with any belief they can and should  be working just like everyone else. I would like to turn this on its head and argue the ‘hate speech’ could indeed be the culture of welfarism being peddled by this media and the assumption that anyone who is disabled is unable to work.


I am fed up of how the language of equality and rights has now been used to oppress real disabled people as unemployable and therefore worthless second class objects of pity. Welfarism is as bad as the BNP claiming to fight against racism, it has been an excuse to destroy the social model and revert back to the medical model where equality has been replaced by pity.


Campaigning for pity is a form of hate speech against real disabled people I am no longer prepared to accept as I try to change attitudes and make people understand what they are saying.


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