Why it is fashionable to be anonymous?


I have become increasingly aware that some disabled activists have resorted to write articles and  reports anonymously as they portray themselves as under threat by this government as they claim they are worried about using their benefits. For me, this is not only nonsense but offensive. It is nonsense since unless they regard themselves as on the borderline of the benefits, or incorrectly claiming benefits then they have very little to worry about.


It is offensive because they are trying to indicate a war being waged on disabled people which is simply not the case and their desire to create conspiracy when none exists is a sign of extremism. Also, if someone claiming not only to be disabled but also be the voice of every disabled person including myself, I have a right to know who they are so I can contextualise what they say and defend myself in their attempt to incorrectly represent me. To hide themselves is an immoral violation of disabled people i am unwilling to tolerate.


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