The middle class disability elite


When I was young I assumed that there was no luck between class and disability, I knew we were not all the same but that disabled people had the ability to be activists whatever their background was but I have reach the conclusion that like other areas of society, the disability elite, those who control the voice, are indeed middle class. They had the background to succeed and lessen the difficulties they faced.


Does this matter? Well yes, if the AnimaI Farm knew what the pigs were doing from the start, things may have been difficult. And the thing here is while the elite talk about discrimination, they do not experience it as much as some other disabled people and more importantly they do not acknowledge it. Behind their big words of unity they tolerate and even endorsed so much against real disabled people. So long as they have their benefits, their support, their jobs and their voice, the rest can appear to go to hell.


And where do I fit in? I have struggled to understand or define my class for so many years as I just do not appear to fit in, I have no contact with my family and therefore no histrionic background, I feel as comfortable meeting people in the Houses of Parliament as I am talking with children in a Romanian Orphanage (which I have done as their guest). Maybe I am classless and unfortunately everyone is and there is still a middle class disability elite!


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