Why do non disabled people try to represent us?


I am so fed up of non-disabled people, like some chief executives of ‘disability’ charities, trying to be the voice of disabled people in the media, especially in the media, particularly the BBC and the Guardian. Society would not accept a man representing the views of woman or a white person representing the views of black people but when it come to disability, we are an free for all, a political hot potato anyone can exploit.


I think the reasons why society accepts this is because deep down, taking away all the nice word, society still regards a large population of disabled people as inferior beings who need in reality managing by these self proclaimed experts paid to ability upheld their infantile desires on us as well as politely excluding us from society. The disability charities pretend to think differently but deep down profit from delivering the exclusion society demands. They are taken the language of liberation politics as cruelly perverted them to abuse disabled people.


Those non-disabled people who steal from the public to simply pay themselves lots of money to abuse disabled people should be ashamed and be hold accountable for their actions.


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