The benefits system is broken for disabled people


I strongly believe that the benefits system for disabled people is broken and not fit for purpose, far beyond either the existing arrangements or the welfare reforms. Fundamentally we have a system which encourages people to exaggerate their difficulties for payments which simply compensates them with an arbitrary amount for them to exclude themselves from society, reinforces their dependency as inferior beings.


We have a section of non-disabled people who may or may not have impairments who obsessively want to be disabled and feel they have the right to be labelled disabled, and inferior, for a bit of cash. The legal battle over whether people should get mobility allowance for twenty or fifty metres is a disgraceful abuse of real disabled people that makes a mockery of the human existence.


We need a system which focuses on supporting the individual to achieve as a fully included contributing member of society, based on what they need to fulfil their outcomes, not how well they can play the victim.


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