Charities must be made more accountable


When you give £1 to charity, do you really know when the money is going? Because it is guaranteed not to be where you believe it to be going to. Why is health research apparently funded by charities but the NHS can not afford the breakthrough drugs and treatments because the drug companies complain they must recoup the research costs, charities paid for?! How many wells does Africa need and what are their own governments doing? And what on earth do disability charities do all day other than attack the government calling disabled people vulnerable?


The charity industry must be more transparent and accountable to the public for your actions. Adverts should indicate how much of their income is spent on staffing costs and the public should have detailed access to information about their activities and costs on their website as a matter on law. Then when the public can see so-called charities for what they are, they can make better choices.


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