Who is really going to lose their DLA?


I believe the disability charities and the anti-tory activists would like the public to believe the reform of DLA into PIP will mean who will lose their DLA would be a completely random affair and that people with significant or severe impairments are as much at risk of losing their benefits as people with minor impairments, because this lie scares more people and attracts more public attention.


But simple logic dictates that people with minor impairments are most likely to lose their benefits as they profit from the nominal amount the benefit is set at. DLA now includes people far beyond what is people’s understanding of disability and the people who will actually lose their benefits will not be the poor victims the media and others will wish to see for their attacks on the government.


I am not worried about the changes and I am sure most real disabled people have far more important things on their mind as a minority fight to be labelled inferior beings.


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