Why should disabled people who terrorise ATOS get support?


I am tired of the way a minor of extremists who portray themselves as disability activists feel they can make libellous claims against ATOS without taking any accountability for their actions. They claim ATOS kills thousands of disabled people with no evidence, no formal investigation or logic. In fact, their lies are designed to cause panic and distress amongst real disabled people to the point they are pushed towards suicide, so the activists are in reality the killers.


If I was the government, I would not tolerate these obsessive paranoid fuelled attacks and simply exclude the abusers from the benefit system, same with those who attack ILF, because we should they tolerate people’s anti-social and destructive behaviour because they are disabled and society fears making them accountable as equal citizens. No other group would be tolerated but disabled extremists are celebrated by the media despite the harm they do to real disabled people.


It is time the government got a backbone and protected real disabled people from the extremists who abuse the system in their name.


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