Individual Support Assessments


Regular readers will understand that I am not a fan of either DLA or PIP as a long term solution to the needs of disabled people and for working aged adults with long term needs, I would replace a whole range of funding streams with a single ‘fund’ or budget, administered locally with national guidelines that would support a person’s outcomes. 


The cornerstone of this policy will be the individual support assessments, which will avoid getting bogged down with medical labels and focus on what people need based on their outcomes using an ideological that everyone should be moving forward on their story of life, where ambition is expected and not just admired. By focusing on the individual and calculating a budget based on what they personally need regardless of policy boundaries like health, social care, housing and employment, we can turn the welfare state from a mechanism of dependency to one of enablement and empowerment.


So individual support assessments are the way forward and it is just a matter of time before they are implemented.


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