Residential care in 2013


Those who are attacking the government for closing the Independent Living Fund are using the idea of residential care as a metaphor for something worth than death as they portray a level of institutionalisation from the 1970s, but it is fair to portray residential care in this way. While it is not my personal choice or the choice of many people, residential care is very different and better than the image the activists are portraying. It is indeed an insult to the large social care workers are deliver the best quality care they can and I would argue that people who employ personal assistants are as likely, if not more likely, to be abused in one way or than then in residential care.


So long as I had my computers, the internet and had my basic needs met, I could comfortably survive in any environment offered to me. But I am sure with tele care and the whole assessment process, it is indeed unlikely many ILF users will be put a residential care as it is not the best value solution people are wrongly implicating.



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