Rebuilding the social model of disability


It is clear to me that the victimhood culture of the new sick and disabled movement has actively damaged the social model of disability in their attempts to revert base to the medical model where they can be paid off as inferior beings. They carefully argue that the social model, especially the bit about taking responsibility, can does imply to them because their minor impairments are so major to them and their negative attitudes.
The only way real disabled people are going to restore the road to their liberation, so badly damaged by groups like Disabled people against cuts and We R Spartucus is by rebuilding the social model and focusing on the next stage of taking responsibility and becoming active citizens. The relationship between the social model, health and impairment needs to be explored and reconfirmed so the sick can not exclude themselves, allowing a medical model that will benefit their laziness from harming the lives of real disabled people.
They demand real disabled people remain united with them or be quiet but that will only happen if the sick abandon their medical model desires and get behind a more inclusive social model.
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