What do people think about disabled people deep down?


While it may be very easy to be outraged by the Colin Brewer’s comments that disabled child should be killed at birth but we must understand where these misguided beliefs come from and more importantly that deep down, far more people are prejudiced against disabled people than they would care to admit or indeed even understand. I strongly believe that the people is that even the most politically correct so-called disability activist can believe deep down that disabled people are naturally inferior beings who should be pitied, as a right, as opposed to fully included in society.


We can see that by how activists talk about the suicide of disabled people with glee, as a normal thing. I believe we are reaching a point where disabled people has the ability to be equal citizens and it is just a member of times before the wider society wakes up to the real prejudices disabled people face themselves, often by those who protect to have our best interests at heart.


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