‘Fit for work’ is meaningless


If we need the papers at the moment, it is implied that all disability is about is whether or not someone is fit for work, and I for one is fed up of my life and my identity being boiled down to this. And what does ‘fit for work’ actually mean, while it is a label so many medical model thinking ‘disabled people’ desire and crave to avoid, for me saying I am not fit for work means I am not fit for anything, an inferior being better off dead!


What do we mean by work and what does being fit for work really mean? With so many types of jobs out there, are we really saying disabled people can not do any of them? I know in any assessment ATOS or anyone else wants to give me, I would easily be deemed unable to work but in my own way, I am never not worked and it is insulting to assume I can not work.


So the idea is a line where people are or are not fit for work is meaningless and we should move on and assess what people need to work rather than labelling them better off dead.


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