Disabled babies are killed in the UK


While Colin Brewer, the Cornwall councillor, has been vilified for his remarks about killing disabled babies, it has to be remembered we live in a country, the UK, where disabled babies, particularly those with severe impairments, have been killed in hospital for a very long time and I am sure the practice continues, quietly under the radar, with ‘good intentions’ based on quality of life decisions rather than any perceived malice. I heard time after time where parents have been told, including my own, shortly after the birth that if they wanted to just walk away and forget their baby, it is be managed. Indeed, I was baptised in hospital shortly after my death on an understanding I did not have long to live, 39 years later I am still here!


The practice of killing disabled babies is totally wrong and there is no moral just reason for it, but to stop this, we must acknowledge it is happening and bring the issue to the public’s attention. This mean we must stop hiding the issue and using attacks of Colin Brewer and others has opportunities to pretend it is not happening, because it is and represents the real prejudices for the very existence of real disabled people, the wider sick and disabled movement do not want to understanding with their political correct perspectives.


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