The daily attacks of the existence of disabled people


I am not sure many people can see or understand this but it is clear to me that the liberal media has launched daily attacks on the existence of disabled people as valid contributing citizens of society as they continue to portray the middle class perspective that disabled people are unemployable objects of pity who are nothing but inferior beings. They use a generation of so-called disability activists who accept and embrace their inferior status, calling for pity and exclusion. They talk about the government using them as pawns and it is really them who are using disabled people as pawns in their dinner table opposition to the government.


This daily attack must stop but it will not until society sees the social genocide being advocated.  History will look  back at this time with disgust, not at the Government’s attempt to halt the mockery of disability benefits, but how the middle class has used this as an opportunity to reverse the inclusion of disabled people through systematic propaganda.


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