What is a fair assessment?


One of the demands of the ‘sick’ movement is the seemingly rational request for the WCA to be replaced with a fairer assessment. But what does that exactly mean? I fear that despite the illusion of rational debate, a fair assessment in the eyes of those against the government will be always one when those with minor conditions or even have recovered socially from conditions will always see the fair solution is for them to be written off as unemployable rather as supported as a potential jobseeker who can be supported in theory into work, assuming an improved economy and improved access.


We however have a generation of sick people who are defiant against the sick role and their social responsibility to do what they can to return to a state of employability. If they are asking society to write them off as permanently unemployable through their middle class propaganda machine, then the knock off effect is disabled people like me, who can or do work, will also be deemed unemployable especially as our level of impairment is greater.


It should not be about a fair assessment as everyone should be deemed able to contribute to society given the right tools and support.


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