My definition of employment


Like many disabled people, especially those with lifelong conditions, the idea of getting a job has always been a given as an attitude and the dramatic improvements in technology has made employment a reality for so many people. The welfare state has for 60 plus years has defined disabled people in terms of their ability to work but based on an outdated concept. I am never going to be able to work down a mine, be a builder or dustman. The idea of working nine to fine, commuting every day does not fit into my notion of suitable employment.


But give me a computer and the internet, and I am working, I am making a contribution to society which I should ideally be paid for. The notion of employment is changing and it is far more accessible to disabled people in a way many people would prefer not to acknowledge. With self-employment, it is not necessarily to keep complaining employers will not employ me because “I’m disabled” as I can directly promote myself to customers. I find it ironic how many disabled people write blogs or articles for national newspapers saying they can not work, when their actions clearly demonstrates otherwise.


I define employment in the widest sense of the word and disabled people have little excuse to at least be positive about their employment opportunities for their own wellbeing as well as their responsibility to society.


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