UK is envy of the World for disabled people


No where is perfect but I am held the view, based on my observations that the UK is the best place for disabled people to live. Even if we believe the worst case scenario of what the current government is doing, this country is miles more advance than any other country in terms of the balance between social care, financial support, healthcare, rights, accessibility and attitudes.
You may think America is up there with the Americans with Disabilities Act but it is not as it fails as a nation on the other factors with only pockets of good practice. Australia comes the closest second. While the nordic countries has been hailed in the past, the money spent has been very medical model and its just not as good. France is pretty backwards for a host of reasons and then the third world is well third world.
So time for many disabled people to stop complaining and to start appreciating what a great country the UK is.
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