The sick are not special


In the last three years, born out of the welfare reform, has been a minority movement building to redefine long term ‘sickness’ as a special kind of impairment that does not fill into the rights and responsibility of the social model, but wish instead to call for new social policy based on a tragedy model as they say people with major impairment can of course work, but because they are so special, their often minor impairments mean they clearly can not. They argue they support of course the rights of disabled people to exist but not at the expense of them seeking pity. They seem to be happy to steal the benefits of being disabled without accepting the consequences.


Disabled people fought against the sick role to be considered valid citizens who can work but the sick is fighting against the sick role to define their right not to recover and return to work. They are happy for fit people who are recovering to be nastily be declared unfit with all the notions of invalidity that goes along with that, assuming there is a notion of being unfit. While they create a list of impairments and labels they wish to declare unemployable and excluded from society, the reality is their conditions do not make them special.


WCA is not broken but society”s attitude towards the employability of people with all impairments is. I am not allowing the pity seeking demands of someone who think they are above the mechanics of society, as a special oddity, to destroy the public’s acceptance of the social model and therefore my right to exist as an included member of society.


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