The social model values my existence


The social model has been the cornerstone of the liberation of disabled people for almost 50 years and I believe has been so important to valuing myself as a contributing member of society. While it is not perfect as it ignores the cultural elements of impairment, it is as relevant to modern day society as it has ever been despite the way it is now despised by the sick movement.


The social model is not just about ramps and text phones but about complex large changes in social policy and how things like employment are defined to make them more accessible to many impairments including those currently being defined as sickness. It is a model that has been successful but for some impairments, it has not got started! Far more important, it is a model that gives disabled people, including myself, the right to be responsible, as opposed as to medical model, which gives people the right to be victims.


I owe my existence as a credible member of society to the social model and I will not yet others take that away from me.


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