Ten disabled people in a bed


Remember the nursery rhythm “Ten in a bed and the little one said”? Well at the moment I am seeing this as an metaphor for how people with minor impairments and on the boundaries of fitness are the ‘little one’ while the first to be pushed out are people with severe and significant impairments, more than one and more than what many people with minor impairments can imagine or care about.
The recent push towards the tragedy model by those against the welfare reforms people they are the minority being asked to let go of compensation based cash they do not need, as dramatically pushed the wider agenda to their way of thinking as they wish society to write off people with any  impairment who wishes to be considered disabled. This must clear those with the severest level of impairment are by implication being excluded from the so-called debate and therefore potentially losing their place in society only recently won. The social model is being reversed and  deep rooted prejudice, even amongst many disabled people, means issues with abortion and euthanasia are debated as opposed to fought against as the wishes of family carers, often portrayed as victims looking after their burdens, take priority over the individuals right to exist.
The defence to what is happening by the little one is a cry of unity by those dissenting voices, like myself, from those to fear for their lives by the medical model victimhood that is pushing many disabled people out of the metaphorical bed and the equation!
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