The accessibility of making claims


There is a group of disabled ‘activists’ would will complain about anything to do with the welfare reforms and the latest thing they have picked upon is the accessibility of the claim process of applying for Personal Independence Payments, the replacement to Disability Living Allowance. The new process starts with a short telephone call, where someone may ring up on behalf of sometime, to receive the application form, presumably so better information can be sought.  You can also write in and request a form although it may delay your application.


Well these activists are jumping up and down saying Deaf people and people with learning difficulties can’t use the phone like they are mindless idiots, assuming through their prejudiced minds, these disabled people have never had to make a phone call before. These activists seem to be making it up as they go along with no interest of what those who are actually affected think or want. It reminds me of the height of political correctness in the 80s and 90s when white middle classes jobworths in councils were banning school children from singing bar bar black sheep or calling a blackboard a blackboard, as it was racism, even although people from ethnic minorities did not care at all.


And as something you solves problems rather than just moan, I have established from DWP, that within the realities of implementing new technology, the PIP application form will be available from GOV.UK next year so these activists will have to find something new to complain about!


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