Getting involved with government


I believe to actually change Government, you can not sit on the sides moaning and throwing stones, but rather you need to get involved with government and work with them, whoever they are. My aim is to make life a better place for all disabled people by working with those with power, which political party they are. I have spent many years getting myself into a position where the government is listening to me on my terms.


It is my ambition to be a government advisor on the big ideas as well as the small print. While I know my critics think I like the government of the day with rose coloured specs,

 but I am no one’s puppet although I know how to work with people, I support or berate the government of the day policy by policy, action by action, detail by detail and I will tell my honest opinion when asked to anyone prepared to give me the respectful time of day.


I acknowledge there was a time some years ago for Direct Action, when disability was not on the agenda, but now it is and we live in a world of a more approachable and connected government, so it is the time to get involved, not revert to thug like opposition.


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