The attacks on PIP is an attack on disabled people


The aim of the government’s change from DLA to Personal Independence Payments has been to make a benefit that is more relevant to the current and future needs of disabled people. Whether this will be achieved or not, one thing to acknowledge which many people refuse to do, is that within an economy which will never recover to a point we can or should tolerate waste or misspent monies, that it is essential the benefit is available to those who ”need’ it as an contribution to the costs they have, rather than provided to those who desire the money from a misuse of the label of disability.


The media and even the Daily Mail are not brave enough to expose the legal and accepted abuse of disabled benefits by a generation who want something for nothing, where any loopholes forced upon PIP in the name of ‘fairness’ would result in a continuation of this abuse. In attacking PIP, people are in affect attacking real disabled people as monies is unnecessary diverting away from them to fund a dependency culture which should be tackled in other ways.


Disabled people are not scroungers despite how much many disabled activists and middle class liberals wish that label to stick so they can feel oppressed but people who are not disabled, although impaired, are exploiting the system which this government is trying to protect for those who really need it.


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