Impairment Pride


If and when the demands of social model are met and disability as a social barrier is eradicated than you are left with is impairment which can not be removed. Impairment is something that no only needs to be managed and supported through a variety of medical and social interventions, but it is also a form of identity which a person may or may not consider to be a large part of who they are, which is a complex and individual decision. Identity leads to pride and this leads us to impairment pride, the idea that people are openly pride about the impairment their hand and wish to celebrate accordingly in a manner that has nothing to do with disability.

I am certainly proud of having cerebral palsy and this is shown through my ‘proud spaz’ alter ago and my appearance in the “I’m Spazticus” prank show. Some people find it very hard to understand why someone would want to celebrate having an impairment since they see it as a negative thing, despite claiming to support the rights of disabled people, but I believe it very important to feel happy about who we are and for some of us, we want to shout about it, demonstrating our pride in who we are as people with impairments, not disabled people.


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