Is the tradegy model of disability winning?


I have not discussed it very much but as well as the medical and social model of disability, there is also a tragedy model of disability, which portrays disabled people as victims, unable to contribute properly and equality in society and constantly dependent on the charity of others for their existence. It is clear to me that the opposition to be welfare reform has successfully used the tragedy model to devalue disabled people, especially because there is a vocal minority of so-called disabled people who live the tragedy model, in the way I live the social model, and campaign accordingly.


I went to a major disability conference yesterday, which was very much a showcase for all the disability charities, and while they all said they were committed to the social model, because it is political suicide to say otherwise, it was clear in reality there was using lies, myths and half truths about the welfare reform and social care to reinforce the tragedy model that keeps them in business. I must wonder with the liberal media also reinforcing the tragedy model, is it winning and what does this mean for the social model?


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