Unfit is the new ‘n’ word


What I find shocking is how so many so-called  disabled people now fight for their lives to be labelled ‘unfit’. I feel unfit is not just a term they argue is about paid employment, but is rather a term that implies someone is unfit for all aspects of society. Once this negative and destructive term is placed upon someone, there is no going back like terms like ‘not ready for paid work’ and it is a social prison sentence for the rest of lives. What is worst and so more damaging is what society see someone with a minor impairment being declared unfit for society, they will automatically assume those with more significant impairments are also unfit. Therefore these sick activists are destroying my opportunities to be included in society.


I believe that it is only a matter of time before society accepts my belief that calling people ‘unfit’ is the new n word and one of the greatest insults you could give a person as you imply someone is unworthy of their existence in society! It is criminal people celebrate when ill informed and prejudiced judged are wrongly labelling fit people unfit in appeals, forcing the person to be excluded from society and dependent from charitable handouts from the state. The government is trying to rescue fit people from the evils of a prejudiced society.


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