My battles with pushchairs


It was always a matter of time as a very regular bus user to end up blogging about pushchairs. Now for me, this is nothing to do with bus drivers as they need to drive the bus, not always sort the dance with pushchairs I need to have on buses. For those who do not realise, when I use a bus in my wheelchair I have to sit backwards on a very specific place in the bus and I have no choice in that. Depending on the type of bus, there is often an obstacle course of rails for me to overcome which requires a lot of turning space as on some buses, I need to turn to a lot to get in.


This is fine when the bus is empty and the minute I have one or more pushchairs in the way and its become mission impossible. I do not like to bark orders to my fellow passengers as I hope they see the issue and cooperate. That said, I am shocked at the size of some of these pushchairs, like they were battleships, and how some parents give no regard to other passengers. While my wheelchair is neatly out way once I am in, some parents leave the pushchairs blocking the isle with no imagination that they could actually fold down their chairs as their children could actually get off in a way I can’t. 


This leads me to believe the buses of the future will need to be designed quite differently to accommodate the changing demographics of users.


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