I am no one’s puppet


I pride myself on the fact I am independent from any organisation, even though I work with, and that my views are my born from the fact I have thought through my beliefs from the wide amount of evidence at my disposal. Despite this, I have critics who continuously question my independent, hoping to put a neat label on who I am and what I believe to assist them in dismissing them as government propaganda or Tory nonsense, neither of which apply to me.


Just recently, I was interrogated by an ongoing critic because Paul Maynard MP, a Conservative MP with cerebral palsy, called, in a parliamentary debate, many of the anti-government, anti-ATOS and anti-work (and taking responsibility) disability ‘groups’ as extremists who do not represent the majority of disabled people, a view I have openly expressed for the last year or so. Clearly, these extremists are splitting blood, making their usual range of threats to anyone who challenges their hateful victimhood ideology.


My relentless critic wanted to believe I had something to do with Paul’s comments because he wants to believe my views are extremists, as opposed to more accurately representing a silent majority of real disabled people. I am glad other people are finally prepared to express their concerns about the disability extremists, despite the potential risks of their personal safety with endless barrage of personal attacks from people who can not get pass from their desire to be disabled and their hatred of ATOS, but I am independent even if I may lead a new level of thinking on disability issues from my public views.


I am no one’s puppet and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool.


If you like what I say, have a look at my site at www.simonstevens.com or follow me on twitter, @simonstevens74, or even leave me feedback on +44 (0)121 364 1974 or email simon@simonstevens.com  


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