Build a new independent Scotland?


I am not Scottish and I clearly do not live in Scotland, although my parents did live there for a while. I also have no interest in the politics of the potential independence of Scotland although I am interested in the practical implications of building a whole new country as I have always been interested in the detailed workings of Government.


Building a new country will mean Scotland will have to its own everything, replicating many of the current UK wide bodies like HMRC and Jobcentre Plus for a new Scotland. It may also mean Scotland will require its own international dialling code as the UK could split to +440 for England, Wales and NI, and +441 for Scotland. Calls between England and Scotland could also be foul to international charges and even banking could be more difficult. There will need to be passport and customs control at the border, slowing down the travel between the countries.


The reality will be expenses and stressful for those who live and work in England and Scotland, and for what? Some ancient pride that has little barring on a modern country. Common sense said we should be headed, over many years, to a united Europe and then a united world, not separating into smaller countries. And if Scotland has independence, then Wales, could Cornwall be next???


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