Active Safeguarding



People understanding adult safeguarding are the protection of service users who are been to be ‘vulnerable’ but it is something that is considered to be reactionary. Other then CRB checks and reference, the issue of safeguarding seems to only kick in after something bad have already happened. But for me, this is simply not good enough and I have created a concept that is slowly being accepted by professionals called Active Safeguarding.


Active Safeguarding is a concept that believe service users who employ personal assistants or have support from care workers can do small things to help keep themselves safe rather than simply being passive and relying on professionals. This may include checking their bank account everyday, especially if others have access to their money like getting cash out for them, to ensure no one can take advantage, making the user and staff feeling safer. Another example is users understanding what they can do for themselves in emergencies or how I would cope if they did not feel safe with staff and wanted them to leave.


Active Safeguarding is about putting service users at the heart of being safe, recognising the contribution they can make to their safety.


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