The 15 minute support call


A few weeks ago I attended a major disability conference where the Chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability was talking about her concerns about 15 minute care calls asking the audience if they all agreed that it was wrong to have these ‘limiting’ calls. While it was asked as a reciprocal question, I could not resist answering it but saying actually there is nothing wrong with them if that is what people need.


I think the whole issue had turned into an emotional one where the feels of users and carers and they natural desire for more support has replaced the reality of a social care system. Social care is about meeting people’s need and not everyone is a totally dependent user charities wish to portray. I feel if users has 15 minute calls, they should be empowered to make the most of the time so if someone needs help with showering but can dress themselves, they could be undressed and in a dressing gown ready for the call so they can make the most of the resource provided to them.


It is time to see social care as an empowering resource and not seemly looking after people.


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