Should we write disabled people off?


On Thursday I attended the Disability Confident confidence and I was stuck by what Iain Duncan Smith said about how the benefit system fails many disabled people, regarding them as unable to work, and this was the crime, not the fact people are being declared fit when society is happy to accept an individual’s believe that they are unfit or desire to remain unfit.


Ignoring the politics for one moment, I feel we must accept change the deep rooted assumption disabled people, and those with many long term health conditions, are naturally unable to work and therefore dependent on benefits. It should be seen as bad that people are being denied access of education, training or employment opportunities or given the ability to make a contribution to society to the best of their abilities and talents. It is an attitudinal and cultural shift as opposed to people taking shops, especially when companies are creating special jobs around disabled people to make themselves look good. We are a long way off meaningful employment of many organisations.


We should never write disabled people off and understand how their campaigning often does this.


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