Understanding Hate Crime


I feel in terms of disability, the concept of hate crime is very misunderstood. While there are instances of hate crime, it is not the widespread epidemic some people would like it to be seen. I feel it is very unfair and incorrect there is a link between the welfare reforms, any imagined scrounger rhetoric and supported hate crime. It has become fashionable to suggest disabled people can not walk down the high street without encountering verbal abuse.


When you examine supposed hate crime, it is often linked to general anti-social behaviour where youths or others have picked on the first they see with little regard for the politics of what they can saying, if it was not disability, it may be race or hair colour. Also, because of socially’s general pity of disabled people, their contribution to the troubles is ignored and forgotten, so they get away with provoking others with their chip on their shoulders, dislike for others and/or demand from pity for others. Disabled people can be as spiteful as anyone else and there are of course some disabled people who look for trouble and over react at any sign of hardship, despite that being a product of equality.


Hate crime has become a political gimmick people need to understand before simply taking at face value to provoke undue sympathy. 


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